Top 3 Ways to Personalize Your Deck

Exterior Stain Webster Groves MO

If your house didn't come with a deck but you want to enjoy more time outside, it's time to start planning your deck construction process. As you meet with an architect and construction company, think about these ways to personalize your deck.

1. Choose an Exterior Stain

Coating your deck with exterior stains Webster Groves MO keeps your wood from rotting and gives your exterior wood surfaces some extra interest. If you're using hardwood and you love its natural appearance, choose a clear stain to showcase its color and patterns. A clear stain with a matte finish reduces your deck's glare, making it easier to host parties on summer afternoons. Order a few samples to try on scrap wood until you find the look you like.

2. Pick Some Accent Colors

If you're using solid stains on your deck's wooden components, you can still use paint to add some color. Look through our selection of color families to find the paints that look the best on your railings or wooden furniture. Light grays tend to work the best with dark wood, while blues and greens look better with light wood.

3. Hire an Independent Artist

Whether you're using hardwood, plastic, PVC, or a combination of all three to make your deck, hire an independent artist to give your deck a unique appearance. Commission a mural for your deck floor, or request painted designs along your rails and steps. Not only does this process ensure a one-of-a-kind look, but it also supports a local artisan.

When you're starting plans for your new deck, turn to Reineke Design for all your stain products. Check out our online selection of stains, and then call us at 314-821-1616 or fill out our online form. We're happy to discuss all things paint and stain with you.