Transform Your Outdoor Space With Exterior Stains

Many backyard designs prominently feature wood. A natural material known for its versatility and visual appeal, wood is a go-to choice for outdoor furniture and structures such as decks and fences. However, one caveat to using wood is that it must be properly cared for to maintain its appearance and condition.

Exterior wood stain is specially formulated to protect outdoor wood surfaces from damage caused by UV rays, seasonal elements and other environmental stressors. Besides serving a functional purpose, exterior stains can also change the aesthetics of your outdoor space as stain products come in a variety of colors and transparencies. The type of stain you choose will depend on where you intend to use it. Here are exterior stains Sunset Hills MO recommendations to use on five common outdoor wood surfaces:

1. Decks

A penetrating stain is highly effective for decks that are subject to continuous wear and tear from weather and foot traffic. Oil-based stains soak through the wood, providing mildew resistance and UV protection. They also accentuate the wood grain.

2. Fences

Oil-based or water-based stains can be used for fences, though water-based products are easier to apply. The opacity level you choose will vary based on the condition of the wood. Semi-transparent stains conceal minor blemishes while still highlighting the wood’s natural grain. If your wood is newer, transparent wood stains will do the trick. For deeper flaws, solid stains are your best bet.

3. Furniture

Water-based stains are the preferred choice for outdoor furniture because they are lower in volatile organic compounds than oil-based alternatives.

4. Siding

Though penetrating stains require more maintenance, they offer reliable protection and don’t need to be stripped when it’s time to re-stain.

5. Doors

Semi-transparent stains are good at hiding dings and scrapes that exterior doors are susceptible to.

With so many exterior stains Sunset Hills MO to choose from, seek a little help from the experts. Reineke Decorating Center offers high-quality stain products along with a friendly service team to guide your search. Contact us today to get started.