Choosing the Best Exterior Stains

One of the joys of creating and building wood projects is the beauty of the natural wood grain. Exterior wood stains are the best way to enhance the wood's beauty and protect it from the outside elements. Finding the right exterior stains St Louis MO is as easy as talking to the pros at Reineke Decorating Center.

Exterior Stains St. Louis MO

Exterior Stain Options

To choose the right stain you need to first consider the application. Outdoor furniture, decks, and front doors may all use a different type of stain. If you want to feature the grain, you need a transparent or semi transparent stain. Decks often look better with a more solid color.

You also need to choose between oil based stains and water based stains. There are pros and cons to each.

  • Oil based stains are easy to apply, offer better protection for harsh weather, and last longer in high-traffic areas. They are harder to clean up and require mineral spirits.
  • Water based stains are more difficult to apply because they have a short dry time. They are easy to clean up with soap and water, but they need more maintenance and are prone to peeling and flaking.

Protect Outdoor Wood

Many stain products today offer protection from UV damage. If you know your deck fence will be in the sun most of the day, get a stain that provides some UV protection. Without it, the stain colors will fade with time and you will be restaining sooner than you had hoped.

Don't forget that stain and sealer go together. A marine oil sealer is an excellent choice for protecting stains and natural color alike. Keep bad weather at bay with a penetrating oil finish.

Get all your stain questions answered at Reineke Decorating Center, your local store in St. Louis for exterior stains.