Keep Your Wood Deck in Good Shape With Exterior Stains St. Charles MO

Every wood deck in St. Charles, MO, is subjected to constant sunlight. Since UV rays are highly damaging to exterior wood surfaces, don’t be surprised if your wood deck starts to look old and shabby after a few years. You can return it to its previous luster by applying exterior stains St. Charles MO every few years. The nice thing about exterior stains is that they not only enhance the beauty of your wood deck, but help give it some protection from the elements as well.

How To Choose the Right Type of Stain for Your Needs

When it comes to exterior wood stain, we offer a few great options here at Reineke Decorating Center. Some of our favorite options include:

  • Ready Seal Wood Stain and Sealer. You’ll appreciate the fact that this particular wood stain and sealer only requires one step: application. You can use a paint sprayer, paintbrush, or roller to apply this product directly to your deck, without primer. The streak-free formula will give you a beautiful finished appearance, every time.
  • Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior Stain. Benjamin Moore makes exceptional paints, and their stain is of equally high quality. This penetrating stain comes in a huge variety of colors and offers second-to-none UV protection. It’s also known for its ability to provide good coverage and color while also allowing the natural wood grain to show through.
  • PPG ProLuxe Premium Deck Wood Finish. This wood finish is designed to provide the most natural color possible. It can make your exterior wood deck look a lot like the interior wood flooring in your home with its translucent finish.

We’d love to tell you more about the many different types of stain you can buy, and their different drying times. We’d also be happy to give you wood stain recommendations, based on your preferences and goals. To learn more, get in touch with us today!