Stains and Sealers for Outdoor Wood Surfaces

If you have an upcoming outdoor wood project, you may have started to look at stains and sealers. At Reineke Decorating Center, we know that choosing the right exterior stains Manchester MO for your particular project can be a confusing decision, so we put together these tips to help you.

Exterior vs. Interior Stain

While it may be tempting to use the rest of an open can of interior stain on an outdoor wood project, it will likely end poorly. This is because exterior wood stain and sealers are specifically designed to withstand the elements, including UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately, interior products cannot stand up to those conditions.

Types of Exterior Stains

Many exterior stains Manchester MO are oil-based. These have traditionally held up better in demanding applications such as protecting exterior wood products. However, a growing selection of latex products is easier to work with compared to oil-based stains. Our staff can help you choose which one is best suited for your outdoor project.

Transparency and Colors

Exterior wood stains also come in a wide range of colors and levels of transparency. Here are the main choices you will face.

  • Solid stain: This applies to a solid finish, almost like paint. However, its thinner texture penetrates the wood surface and offers more protection. It helps to keep in mind that you will still be able to see some imperfections or heavy grain lines within the wood. 
  • Semi-solid: This offers a good amount of color while still allowing wood grain and texture to show clearly through. It can be an excellent choice to stain a deck or outdoor furniture. 
  • Transparent: If you want the true beauty of your wood grain to show through, a transparent stain is probably a good choice. It offers a hint of color and excellent protection without obscuring the natural look of the original wood surface. 

Shop the Best Exterior Stains Manchester MO

Reineke Decorating Center carries the top brands of exterior stain products in a wide range of colors and finishes. In addition, we offer professional and personalized service to both homeowners and professionals. Contact us today to find the right products for your next exterior project.