Choosing Exterior Wood Stain – 3 Things To Consider

Wood decks, fences, and outdoor wood furniture can be a great addition to a home, but they require some maintenance to keep them looking new. An exterior stain is essential in protecting against wear from rain, wind, sun, and snow. Here are a few things to consider when choosing exterior stains Ellisville MO.

Oil-Based or Water-Based

Oil-based stains add long-lasting protection to outdoor furniture and other types of wood surfaces. This type of penetrating stain soaks deeply into the wood, strengthening the wood fibers and adding protection from the inside. Although an oil based stain helps the wood grains stand out nicely and adds superior protection, this type of stain can be a hassle to clean up and can be irritating to the respiratory system.

Water-based stains use water as the base liquid. Generally easier to apply than oil-based stains, they can be cleaned up easily with soap and water. They have less VOC content which means fewer respiratory issues. Since they don't penetrate the wood surface as fully, water-based stains typically don't last as long as oil-based stains.

Type of Use

The type of stain you need depends on the intended use and characteristics of your outdoor structure. For example, a penetrating stain is often better for decks prone to damage from the sun, standing water, and foot traffic. If you have outdoor furniture with attractive wood grain, you may want to choose a semi transparent stain to showcase the natural color.


The color of your outdoor wood stain is ultimately a personal aesthetic choice, but keep in mind that dark colors absorb more light and heat and lighter colors reflect more light. A light stain can help keep a deck cooler on hot summer days, while a darker color for a fence can make a yard feel cozier.

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