Understanding the Different Types of Exterior Stains Des Peres MO

Are you thinking about updating the exterior of your home by applying exterior stains Des Peres MO? To help you make the right exterior wood stain purchase for your needs, here are some basic details about the various types of stain products available for purchase.


Stain Type Matters

Indoor stains are not meant to withstand UV rays, rain, or snow. Even if you use a heavy-duty clear finish over the exterior products you stained with interior stain, the color will still fade because it’s only meant for interior use.

When dealing with decks, fences, outdoor wood, and any other exterior surfaces, it’s essential to use the right exterior wood stain products for the task at hand. Otherwise, you’ll need to strip the surface and start the entire staining process gain in a few months once your interior stain fades.

There Are Different Categories of Exterior Stains

Exterior wood stains come in four major categories:

  • Solid
  • Semi-solid
  • Translucent
  • Semi-transparent

You need to familiarize yourself with each time to make sure you get the right kind for your needs. Solid stains cover the wood surface and grain completely, sort of like a coat of paint. Solid stain penetrates better than paint, though, because it is thinner. It is also more durable than some other types of stains.

Semi-solid stains cover the wood semi-transparently. You can still see the wood grain beneath, but the stain alters the color of the wood.

Translucent stains offer the highest visibility of the wood grain underneath, but they also offer the deepest and richest colors when compared to the other stain types. With each coat you apply, the color deepens.

Semi-transparent stains also offer rich color, but they do so while covering the wood grain a little more than translucent stain. As with translucent stains, you’ll cover the wood more each time you apply another coat of semi-transparent stain.

Get the Right Exterior Stains Des Peres MO

Are you ready to purchase stain products for your outdoor wood projects? To find the highest-quality exterior stain products available, contact Reineke Decorating Centers today.