Answering Your Top 3 Questions About Deck Staining

Perhaps you've had your deck for a while and you want to give it a new look, or maybe you just finished installing it and you need to add a finish. In both cases, picking the right exterior stains Clayton MO is key to creating a high-quality outdoor seating area. Read on for the answers to your top three questions about deck staining.

Exterior Stains Clayton MO

1. Why Should You Use Exterior Stains Clayton MO?

Many people like to paint their decks, and this results in a striking finish at the time. Paint tends to peel off decks quickly thanks to all the people who walk over it, though. It's also hard to maintain once it starts to chip and fade.

On the other hand, deck staining sinks into your wood and preserves it without coming off when your guests and kids walk around. While staining still needs to be refreshed at least every three years, you don't need to worry about its appearance diminishing in between coats.

2. How Long Does the Staining Process Take?

It usually takes just two days for professionals to stain your deck, whether it's your first coat or the fifth. On the first day, your team clears off the deck and prepares it for staining with a pressure washer. On the second day, your team applies the stain and any sealers to your deck's wood.

3. What Styles Are Available?

Choose between Penofin, Cabot, Proluxe, and Gemini Coatings for your stain brand. If you love your deck's natural wood look, choose a clear stain that accentuates and polishes your hardwood. If you want your deck to match your decor, choose a solid stain.

If it's time for your deck to get a new exterior stain, reach out to our expert team at Reineke Decorating Center today.

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