Choosing the Right Exterior Stain for the Job

Your porch, deck or fence takes a lot of abuse from the UV damage by the sun, moisture and mildew, but the right sealer and exterior stain can help prevent this damage. The exterior stains Chesterfield MO residents depend on help wood fences, siding, decks and other exterior wood surfaces remain looking great for years. Here’s what you should know about a stain treatment.


Type of Stain: Oil vs Water

There are several options available when you get ready to purchase an exterior wood stain. You can select an oil-based stain (alkyd), water-based (acrylic) and oil modified. With water-based stain products, you generally have more stain colors and a shorter dry time. This makes it more convenient to finish a project quickly, and cleanup is easy as it only requires soap and water.

With an oil stain, the material penetrates deeper into the surface and enhances the grains of the natural wood. With a longer drying time, you can carefully blend in the stain and avoid streak marks.

Type of Finish: Transparency

Clear stain and sealer provide waterproofing and damage resistance without changing the color of the wood. A semi-transparent stain has some color but still lets the wood grain be seen. It doesn’t have the same protective finish as a transparent wood stain. These stains add a hint of color to the wood or a slight tint to the grain and don’t leave behind lap marks. Solid stains conceal the wood grain, while a semisolid stain leaves some evidence of the woodgrain.

Choose Your Exterior Stain Chesterfield MO

If you are looking to stain a deck made from pre-treated lumber, you will need an oil-based stain. Vertical surfaces do better than horizontal with a semi-transparent stain, give the potential for foot traffic and wear and tear on the material. For help choosing the right stain for your project, check with our experts at Reineke Decorating Center. We are the St Louis experts for paint and stain supplies.