Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Deck Renovation Process

Decks are the perfect place to entertain guests, host parties, and simply enjoy warm summer evenings. After a few years, though, their finishes start to fade and the exposed wood gets damaged. If you've had your deck for a few years and your first coat of paint or exterior stains Brentwood MO has worn away, it's time to start again. Here's your guide to working through the deck staining process with professionals.

Exterior Stains Brentwood MO

Get Everything Clean

Your deck renovation team starts by cleaning all the surfaces. If your finish is still mostly intact, the team strips it and then uses a pressure washer or scrub brush to get rid of all your deck's chemicals, dirt, and paint chips. To speed up the process, remove all your furniture before your team arrives and sweep it carefully.

Take Care of Problems

As your team members clean your deck, they look out for problems such as loose nails, warped boards, and broken handrails. Before progressing in the deck staining process, they address these safety and structural concerns.

Balance the pH

If your team uses a commercial cleaning agent or a finish stripper, balancing the wood's pH is crucial to making your deck staining look professional. Once your deck is completely rinsed and repaired, your team adds a neutralizer to get rid of any concentrated imbalances.

Apply a New Stain

Now that the wood is properly prepared, your team puts on your chosen clear or solid stains. Then, they add a sealer to protect your stain as it sets and to prevent damage from rain and mold. Once both coats are dry, your deck is ready for entertaining and relaxing.

Maintaining your deck means applying a new exterior stain every two or three years. If you're due for a fresh coat, reach out to our team at Reineke Decorating Center.

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