Finding the Right Deck Stain for Your Outdoor Projects

Refinishing a deck can completely transform your backyard. There are many things to consider when selecting the right deck stain Webster Groves MO. Understanding how to find the right product makes the decision process easier. 

Choose The Right Type of Stain for Your Project

There are many different exterior wood stains, and some are better suited to deck applications than others. Learn the differences before you make a decision. 

Deck Stain Vs. Wood Sealer

Wood sealers fill the porous spaces in wood surfaces to keep moisture out. This protects the wood and helps it last longer. Stains protect, but they can also change the appearance of your wood deck — sometimes drastically. 

Stain Colors and Transparencies

When you shop for deck stain Webster Groves MO, you might be surprised by the vast array of rich colors and styles. Solid stains act like paint and mask most wood grain. Semi transparent stain lets the wood grain show through while adding a touch of color. You might also opt for a more natural look by choosing cedar colors for your exterior project. 

Decide How Much Stain You Need To Buy

When you buy quality deck stain, you may pay slightly more than you would at a big box store. However, the products at Reineke Decorating Center are designed to last for years, even in a demanding outdoor environment. One way to save on your purchase is to accurately estimate how much stain you will need. 

To do this, measure the deck area. Be sure to include any wooden railings, posts, and balusters in your calculations if you plan to refinish them. Once you have the square footage, you can compare that against coverage estimates for each product. 

Top Quality Deck Stain Webster Groves MO

When you want a wide selection of top-quality exterior stains, look no further than Reineke Decorating Center. Whether you are looking to add a trendy color, seal out water, or enhance the natural beauty of your wood deck, their knowledgeable staff can help you find the right exterior stain for your project. Contact Reineke Decorating Center today to find the perfect finish for your deck.