Handy Tips for a High-Quality Deck Stain Project

When you want to complete a high-quality deck stain in St. Charles, MO, it's important to know what you're doing before starting such a project. While this may seem obvious, there are plenty of issues with exterior wood stains that can become major obstacles for those who aren't privy to deck staining. More importantly, such problems can be avoided by first understanding key information about wood stains and sealers.

At Reineke Decorating Center, we're always doing our best to educate our customers about high-quality exterior stains. With that in mind, here are some handy tips to remember before venturing into your wood deck project.

Always Clean Your Deck First

Some believe that buying new wood from a lumber yard and building a new deck with it means it's clean enough to begin staining right after it's built. This is simply not true. Different types of wood move through a lot of hands before landing at your local lumber yard, collecting dirt and mold spores, while the construction of a deck itself can leave lasting sawdust and residues on wood surfaces. Solid stains from trusted brands like Benjamin Moore, Ready Seal or TWP deserve a thoroughly clean surface before applying, so read the cleaning instructions before beginning your staining.

Start Slow To Avoid Overapplication

Wood stain colors are relatively easy to apply, making it far too easy to overapply without meaning to. Once this occurs, you could face puddling due to the excess stain products. Though this is a common issue, giving yourself more work to fix later can be avoided by working cautiously in small areas first. Start by only staining between 1 to 3 full-length boards before moving on to the next set to better concentrate on the amount of deck stain color you're using.

Enjoy high-quality deck stain in St. Charles, MO, when you stop into your local Reineke Decorating Center. For more handy tips, contact us today for additional staining help and ideas!