Choosing the Right Stain for Your Deck Space

Walking barefoot across your deck space under the warm summer sun will surely bring a smile to the face of anyone you invite into your backyard. However, what if your deck isn't looking or feeling its optimal best when it comes? If you want your wood deck to see lots of foot traffic from friends and family over the summer months, you should consider Reineke Decorating Center for a prime deck stain in Glendale MO that will elevate your backyard space to new heights. Here are some examples of exterior wood stain that can provide rich color and surface protection from UV rays for long-lasting shine and comfort.

Oil-Based Stains Offer a Smooth, Even Finish

Since oil bases are thicker than water, they are great for truly soaking into the wood of your deck, leaving a long-term, dependable finish. In addition, its thick density can cover your deck evenly and deeply, ensuring durability and protection from water damage while also infusing a nice color that shines in the light. Reliable brands such as Ready Seal, TWP and Benjamin Moore offer a great selection of oil-based stains that are easy to apply and any other type of stain you may wish to use for different types of wood.

Water-Based Stain Is Fast and Efficient

Though oil stains can generally provide a clean, even surface without much hassle, water-based stains present you with a faster, more environmentally friendly finish than other options on the market. This type can completely dry in no time, as opposed to waiting hours with oil-based stains, and this wood brightener is better at showing off the natural color of the wood itself.

When a little home improvement is needed to showcase the deck of your dreams to your guests, choose Reineke Decorating Center for durable and affordable deck stain in Glendale, MO. Contact any of our experienced representatives for help in choosing premium wood stains today.