Choosing Your Deck Stain in Des Peres, MO

A wooden deck is a long-lasting investment for your home, but it needs proper care to stay that way. When you need deck stain in Des Peres, MO, there are a few things you will need to decide. In fact, deck stains come in a variety of compositions and styles, so it’s important to understand your options.

What Style Do You Need?

Wood stains come in two forms. You can choose either a water-based or oil-based product. Oil-based products are thick, and they saturate dry wood very well. The heavy, thick consistency also contributes to a longer lifespan than the water-based alternatives. However, that oil base makes this stain harder to clean up when you’re done.

Water-based stains are easy to apply because they have a thinner consistency. If your deck wood isn’t sufficiently dry or you’re applying stain following a storm, a water-based stain will saturate the wood more thoroughly because it isn’t repelled by water the way that oil-based stains are.

Which Finish Do You Prefer?

There are choices to make in the appearance of the stain as well. If you would prefer to keep the wood as natural-looking as possible, consider either a clear varnish or a stain with as natural a hue to the wood as possible. Alternatively, use your stain to make a statement by treating light maple wood with a rich mahogany stain color. You may want to consider a semi-transparent deck stain as a compromise between the two. You’ll get a subtle color without  it being too bold.

Should You Apply Deck Stain in Des Peres, MO?

When the time comes to stain your deck, you may want to do the job yourself. It’s often best to leave deck stain application to a professional to ensure a consistent, even finish and proper application. Self-application can lead to streaks and uneven coating. Contact us at Reineke Decorating Center for your deck stain in Des Peres, MO.



How To Use Deck Stain To Bring New Life to an Older Deck

Wooden decks are economical choices for outdoor surfaces. They can accommodate a range of landscape situations and fit almost any home style. Plus, a wooden deck can last for many years with proper maintenance. When your deck starts to show its age, restaining it can help. Reineke Decorating Center carries top-quality deck stain Des Peres MO homeowners can trust to bring new life to older outdoor wooden surfaces.

Thoroughly Clean Your Deck

The first step in preparing an older wood deck for stain starts with a thorough cleaning. Scrub the surface with a wood-safe product. This helps remove dirt, mold, and any exterior paint chips that might be present. You must have a  completely clean surface for wood stain and sealer to penetrate the surface and work.

Make Needed Repairs

Many homeowners will find that some decking boards are in worse shape than others. In that case, you should replace or repair the ones with the most damage. Be sure to consider that you may need to wait before sealing treated wood surfaces. Now is also a good time to sand down any raised or rough patches and reset loose nails.

Prepare Wood Surfaces

Once they are cleaned and repaired, you can start to prepare your deck for its new stain color. A good pH neutralizer or primer can help remove traces of chemical cleaners and brighten the appearance of your deck boards.

Choose the Best Deck Stain for Your Des Peres MO Home

Reineke Decorating Center can help you choose the best type of stain for your wood deck. Whether you want to let the wood grain shine through or you prefer a solid stain to cover imperfections, as an authorized Benjamin Moore dealer, we have the products to ensure your project turns out great. Contact us at (314) 821-1616 to learn more about our wide selection of deck stain in Des Peres MO.