How To Select the Ideal Deck Stain for Your Project

Do you plan to stain your deck this spring or summer? It’s important to become familiar with the different deck stain Clayton MO options to select the best one for your project. Benjamin Moore is a well-known brand of stain that you can pick up at our Reineke Decorating Center. But what specific type of Benjamin Moore stain should you get? Here are some things you should know about the various exterior wood stains available.

Solid Deck Stains Clayton MO

Solid deck stains are designed to offer heavy coverage. Solid stains have the consistency of paint and provide opaque, rich colors and cover up the wood’s grain and color. In addition, solid wood stains are self-priming and offer a high level of protection for your wood surfaces. You can choose solid deck stains in oil-based or latex-based mixtures.

Semi-Transparent Deck Stains

A semi-transparent stain penetrates deeper into the wood than solid stains. They come in various wood-stain colors and bond well with the wood surface. A semi-transparent stain is protective against mold and mildew. But it still allows the wood grain to show through.

Semi-Solid Deck Stains

Semi-solid exterior stain allows the texture of the wood to show through while masking the grain of the wood. Semi-solid stains have a flat finish and hide much of the wood’s imperfections without completely covering up the unique patterns on the wood.

Select the Right Stain for Your Project

The exterior stains at Reineke Decorating Center are appropriate for a wide variety of wood surfaces and projects. We can help you choose the right type for the typical weather conditions in your area and make sure you get the right colors for your individual preferences. Contact us today if you need help finding a ready seal deck stain Clayton MO.