Acrylic and Oil-Based Deck Stain in Brentwood, MO: Which Is Best?

Brentwood homeowners know when to stain their decks, but they do not always know the best products to use. With so many choices on the market, do you go with ready-seal, natural color, or solid stains for your wood surfaces? Most deck stains fall into two categories: oil-based or acrylic. How do you know which one to use for your deck stain in Brentwood MO? let's compare the two types to help you decide.

Oil-Based Deck Stain

With oil-based deck stains, you get a lot of bang for your buck. These deck stains are more affordable than other options, and they can prevent the warping and cracking of wood. They also repel water by penetrating the wood grain. Using an oil-based deck stain can prevent mold and mildew growth and keep your deck looking beautiful.

Are there any downsides to using an oil-based deck stain? They can take days to fully dry, and they are also flammable when wet. With oil-based deck stains, you should plan ahead and check the upcoming weather condition forecast to make sure you can finish what you start.

Acrylic-Based Deck Stain

Acrylic or water-based stain is another popular option homeowners use for deck stain in Brentwood, MO. These stains are an eco-friendly option that is easy to apply. Unlike oil-based stains, acrylic deck stain does not penetrate the wood grain. It can dry in a fraction of the time, in as little as two to three hours. You may also find it easier to clean up after using acrylic exterior stain because you only need soap and water to wash your brushes and rollers.

Acrylic-based deck stains do cost more than oil-based products, and they are prone to chipping. On the other hand, oil-based stains fade away slowly, creating an attractive patina with age.

Finding the Best Deck Stain in Brentwood MO

Want to know more about oil- and acrylic-based deck stain in Brentwood MO? Talk to the team at Reineke Decorating Center. We can help you select the perfect product for your outdoor spaces.


3 Reasons To Stain Your Deck

If you own a home that contains a wooden deck, you might be wondering whether or not it is worth it to stain your deck. Staining is the process of covering material with a coating that penetrates the material, protecting it in the process. Before finding a deck stain in Brentwood, MO, company to hire or shop with, consider these three reasons to stain your deck.

1. To Preserve the Material

One of the main reasons why people stain their decks is to preserve the integrity of the wood. Weather conditions such as rain can cause wood to rot and things like mold and mildew to build up on the surface. A clear wood stain and sealer can help protect many different types of wood from these destructive conditions and extend the life of your front and back porch.

2. To Enhance Its Appearance 

An exterior wood stain not only protects your deck but makes it look more attractive as well. You can find a stain color in many different shades, making it easy to match the color to the rest of your home. In addition, treated wood tends to have a shine to it that makes it visually appealing.

3. To Prevent Pest Infestations

Pest infestations can be a huge problem for homeowners. Termites, for example, tend to invade wooden surfaces and can cause great damage to a wood deck. However, a total wood protectant helps seal off the wooden material from creatures such as termites, reducing the likelihood of pests taking up residence around your home.

Need Deck Stain in Brentwood, MO?

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