Best Outdoor Conditions for Staining Your Deck

If you expect to spend a lot of time outdoors relaxing on your wood deck with friends and family during the summer, you may be anxious about applying stain in the midst of spring. However, this isn't a recommended time to involve yourself in a deck staining project. Why?

Here at Reineke Decorating Center, we get asked plenty of common questions like these, and we love to share our expert advice. Want to learn more about the ideal outdoor conditions for a deck stain in Ballwin, MO? Read on to discover helpful hints that will end in a pristine exterior stain you can enjoy all year long.

Starting in Dry, Fall Weather Is Key

Wood surfaces need to be as dry as possible to accurately take hold of a wood stain and sealer. Therefore, you should plan to stick to an annual routine of staining your deck near the end of summer or in early fall, when your deck space will be at its driest. Exterior wood stains from top-quality brands like Ready Seal, TWP or Benjamin Moore may be easy to apply at any time, but you can only achieve the best results and rich color from stain products when the weather permits it.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight Is Necessary

While wood stain colors may be best viewed under plenty of sunlight, the process of applying the stain shouldn't occur in direct light. It's best to work during the morning or evening hours unless your home's deck has enough shade to cover its surface area from drying UV rays. For a quality result, you want to ensure that the stain doesn't dry too quickly and that the deck's wood isn't too hot to touch after heating up all day under the sun. Once your water-based or semi-transparent stain is complete, then you can take in your deck's beauty all day long!

Looking for more helpful advice? Contact Reineke Decorating Center at any time for more information and guarantee yourself a premium deck stain in Ballwin, MO.