How To Choose a Monochromatic Color Scheme for Your Home

If your home is due for a makeover, there's no better way to begin than with a refresh of your wall colors. Though color is purely a matter of preference, you can give your home a cohesive, visually pleasing aesthetic by choosing a monochromatic scheme with Benjamin Moore paint of Town and Country, MO. Don't worry that monochrome will look boring, though — it doesn't mean you have to paint every room the same color. It's actually a range of colors in the same family that coordinates beautifully and provides a seamless transition as you go from room to room.

1. Decide Whether You Want Warm or Cool Colors

Warm colors are colors closer to red on the color wheel, such as pinks, peaches, oranges, and yellows. Cool colors lean towards blue: greens, turquoises, and purples. Even neutral paint colors (whites, beiges, tans, browns, and grays) can be warm or cool based on their undertones. If you prefer a neutral palette but are unsure whether it's warm or cool, one of our design specialists can help you choose something you'll love.

2. Choose Your Range

Decide which color will be your darkest and pick three or four other colors near it on the Moore paint card; the most pleasing monochromatic paint schemes are subtle variations of the same basic color. Your furnishings should also be in the same family with pops of an accent color (or two). A variety of textures will add interest and style.

3. Pair Your Benjamin Moore Colors With Your Rooms

Choose one color for your main living spaces and hallways, and paint all your bathrooms a different coordinating color. Choose two other colors for your bedrooms (you may want your master bedroom to be its own color) and if you have any additional rooms, such as a study, bonus room, or office, you can choose an additional color.

That's it! When you use Benjamin Moore paint, you can be sure whatever monochromatic scheme you choose, you'll love the end product. Stop by and visit Reineke Decorating in Town and Country, MO for a consultation in-store or send us a message about how we can help you find the right colors for your home.