Tips for Prepping Your Walls to Paint

Painting your walls is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to completely transform the way your home looks. However, you need to make sure that you properly prep your walls before you get started. This will help ensure that your finished project turns out the way you want. It’s also important to use quality paint, such as the kind you can find at a Benjamin Moore paint Manchester MO store. Here are a few easy tips for getting your walls all ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Sand Off Unwanted Plaster

If you don’t like the plaster that’s currently on your walls, you’ll need to scrape it off using a paint scraper and sander before applying your paints and stains. This can be the most time-intensive part of your project, but it’s worth the effort if you’re getting rid of outdated texture.

Wash the Walls

If you plan to apply Benjamin Moore paints directly over the previous coat of paint, don’t forget to clean your walls first. A bucket of warm soapy water will do. Dip a clean washcloth or sponge into the soapy water and use it to wash dust, dirt and grime off your walls. Cleaning your walls will not only ensure that your updated paint goes on smoothly, but it will also help your painter’s tape to stick so you don’t deal with unwanted paint leaking onto your ceiling or moulding.

Fill in Holes

Before you actually start painting, you’ll want to use painter’s putty to fill in any nail holes or blemishes in your current drywall or paint. Give the putty time to dry, then use sandpaper to smooth the putty so it doesn’t extend out from the wall.

Put Up Painter’s Tape

Painter’s Tape can help you avoid accidentally painting your ceiling, mouldings and other items. Apply it around your trim and wall sconces before you get started.

Once you’re finished prepping, it’s time to apply one or two coats of your favorite Benjamin Moore paint Manchester MO. If you need help choosing the ideal color, contact Reineke Decorating Center.