3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Benjamin Moore Paint Color

Choosing a new paint color for your interior walls can be nerve-wracking. Here are five tips for finding the perfect Benjamin Moore paint Ballwin MO.

  1. See What Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Are Available

Before you decide what shade you want in your home, take some time to browse through catalogs of current paint colors. You might be inspired by a color you didn’t even consider before

Did you know many homeowners don’t know the difference between the major paint finishes? If you’re one of them, it’s important to understand that the finish of your paint will affect its appearance. Semi-gloss paint is a good choice for trim work because it is just glossy enough to stand out from more matted paints. Gloss paint is more stain-resistant than semi-gloss. But the most common finish for indoor walls is satin, which has a little bit of sheen and cleans easily.

  1. Take Advantage of Color Matches

Benjamin Moore offers color-matched paint so you can touch-up an existing wall instead of repainting it. MyPerfectColors offers a rich selection to meet any need. We can provide you with a 4 oz. sample jar that’s perfect for all your color-matching needs.

Samples are great for testing different shades because they don’t force you to spend money on a full-sized gallon of paint. Instead, you can choose a few samples you like, take them home and test them on your walls. Once they’re fully dry, you can see if the samples meet your color preferences and if they complement your home décor

  1. Consider Luxurious Wallpaper

In addition to high-quality paints, Benjamin Moore also offers luxurious wallpaper selections. If you’re not a fan of painting, take a look at the lustrous wallpaper patterns we offer.

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